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Patti Sampson
Associate Broker
CRM Specialist
"I am an Agent Helping Agents 
because I walk in your shoes.  I know the challenges you face everyday to close more transactions consistently & stay top of mind so you never lose a sale opportunity. Let me share with you how to engage & convert more of your database."
Patti Sampson is a Real Estate Broker who was stuck in the real estate cycle balancing her personal life with her business life. She has worked thousands of online real estate leads and closed hundreds of her own real estate transactions. 

Patti has also owned & managed her own brokerage and 100+ agent team, and she has now trained thousands of agents from coast-to-coast to increase sales conversion through automation and engaging  and responsive drip campaigns using various CRM tools.  

Don't waste time re-inventing the wheel!  Get Patti's content and training!  This is her passion and she wants to share her proven success and content with you. 

Get Started Now! Learn the secrets to close more of your expensive leads fast from an Agent/Broker who has had huge success engaging, converting and staying top of mind. 
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